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Blissful beaches & Idyllic Islands

16 May 2018
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With a 2,500 km coastline, Thailand offers such a profusion of sandy beaches, sheltered bays, quiet coves ans idyllic islands that the choices for a holiday in the sun are near limitless.
From the southern islands of Phuket and Samui, internationally renowned resports boasting some of the world’s finest beaches and most luxurious accomodation, tu a fun playground like Pattaya or a classic family retrat such as Hua Hin, you’ll find your kind of beach.

Canoening through calm waters into the secret world of a hidden grotto; diving into an exotic underwater realm teeming with marine life; cuising tranquil waters aboard an ocean-going sailboat, touring traditional fishing villages, exploring the flora and fauna of pristine marine habitats… or simply lazing in the sun on a white sandy beach. The opportunities to experience tropical life by the sea in Thailand are extraordinary rich and varied, spectacular and serene.

Either the Andaman Coast – a world of stunning natural beauty -, the Gulf of Thailand - and the mix of classic retreats and modern resorts –, the eastern seaboard with its playgrounds and popular escapes or the amazing fresh new beaches and unspoiled destinations await discovery, Thailand by the shore is one of a kind experience for any traveler.
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Blissful beaches & Idyllic Islands