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Thailand Allows Entry for Selected International Travellers

20 Oct 2020

At the moment (October 2020), due to fears that opening borders will lead to an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections, the Thai government has extended the closure so that tourists looking to enjoy a short holiday in Thailand are not allowed to enter.

However, Thailand allows specific groups of non-Thais to apply visas for entry into the country. This includes some non-immigrant visa types B and O-A, and Elite Card members. There is also the Special Tourist Visa (STV) scheme for long-staying visitors with the current stage starting from countries with a low COVID-19 infection rate according to the Thai Ministry of Public Health’s regulations.

In all cases, people arriving in Thailand are currently required to enter an approved quarantine facility for two weeks. Travellers will also need to prepare a set of required documents before they travel. For full details, please contact the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate in the country where you are intending to travel from.

At present, several major airlines have received permission to carry passengers to Thailand. Thai Airways International has recently announced a special weekly flight during November and December from Frankfurt, London and Copenhagen to Bangkok. Please contact: for details of the Frankfurt-Bangkok flight.


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