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TAT’s marketing plan 2023 to revitalise Thai tourism towards high value and sustainable growth

19 Jul 2022

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced the marketing plan for 2023 that will continue this year’s goal to revitalise and transform Thai tourism, while placing greater emphasis on the recovery of the tourism sector towards stronger and sustainable, more responsible, more digital and more inclusive tourism growth.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor, said, “TAT sees 2023 as a year of a new beginning for Thai tourism. Hence, we have outlined our marketing strategy for next year adhering to the TAT’s Corporate Plan 2023-2027, which aims to heighten the TAT’s position as the strategic leader in driving Thailand towards experience-based and sustainable tourism.

“TAT is committed to help revitalise and transform Thai tourism under our three strategic objectives, which are: to ‘drive demand’ for meaningful travel, to ‘shape supply’ by developing a new tourism ecosystem, and to ‘thrive for excellence’ by making the TAT a data-driven organisation. We believe this will heighten our goal for Thailand to achieve high value and sustainable tourism growth,” Mr. Yuthasak added.

The “Visit Thailand Year 2022-2023: Amazing New Chapters” will be used as the communication strategies for the international market. Thailand will continue to be promoted as a world-class destination that offers something for everyone under the ‘From A-Z: Amazing Thailand Has It All’ concept. This will be showcased alongside the kingdom’s 5F, 4M soft-power foundations; namely, Food, Film, Fashion, Festival, Fight, Music, Museum, Master, and Meta.

TAT has formulated the marketing plan for 2023 adhering to the Thai government’s Bio-Circular-Green or BCG Economy Model, which is conforming to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The BCG model is being used to revive the tourism industry with the aim of safe, inclusive, and sustainable travel.

Moreover, to ‘thrive for excellence’ by making TAT a data-driven organisation, TAT will use the Thailand Tourism Virtual Mart (TTVM) via as the key online B2B platform for Thai tourism business and international tourism operators.

“For 2023, TAT expects Thailand to generate a total tourism revenue of 1.73 trillion Baht with 970 billion Baht from the international market and 760 billion Baht from the domestic market (for base case scenario) and 2.38 trillion Baht with 1.50 trillion Baht from the international market and 880 billion Baht from the domestic market (for best case scenario). This represents about 80% of Thailand’s tourism performance in 2019,” Mr. Yuthasak concluded.

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