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Bangkok ranked 2nd best city worldwide, best in Asia for digital nomads

28 Jun 2022

Bangkok has been ranked the second best city in the world and the best city in Asia for digital nomads, in a new study by UK-based flexible working solutions provider The Instant Group.


Second only in the world to Lisbon, Portugal in the global ranking of 80 cities for digital nomads, Bangkok scored well in the key areas of affordability, weather, broadband speed, scenery, and transport. Its impressive placing was helped by the wide variety of excellent local cuisine and street food on offer, the more than 15,000 high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots available, great transport options, and some of the lowest priced accommodation available globally.


Bangkok was also one of only two Asian cities to make it into the survey’s top 10 cities from around the world, the other being Seoul in 7th place.

Research has shown there are already 35 million digital nomads worldwide, and with advances in technology, remote working and workplace culture it is thought that by 2035, this number could be one billion. Predictions say the global nomadic workforce will account for one in every three employees.

Alongside Bangkok, Thailand also offers other popular destinations ideal for digital nomads, such as Phuket, Samui, and Chiang Mai.


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