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ASQ Hotel Bookings Platform

11 Dec 2020

Travellers wishing to visit Thailand during this time need to apply for a visa, which can include a Single-Entry Tourist Visa (TR) and a Special Tourist Visa (STV). Once the visa has been issued, there will be the requirement for registration to get a Certificate of Entry (COE) at To also ensure effective safety control and preventive measures, entering visitors are required to undergo a compulsory 14- day Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) in the approved facilities.

To facilitate booking of ASQ accommodations, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Thailand-based Locanation Company Limited jointly launch the newly-developed website to provide a 360-degree pre-entry quarantine service platform that offers services ranging from room reservations to information related to individual travel to Thailand and other services. Currently, the website features 107 participating ASQ hotels in Thailand, offering quarantine packages ranging from 27,000 Baht to 220,000 Baht for the two-week period at hotels in the three to five-star range. All hotels join the platform are required to pass rigid standards set by the Ministry of Public Health.

Another option for foreign visitors to search for hotels and book quarantine accommodation on a convenient and trustworthy platform is to check on Thailand becomes first country to use a booking platform “Agoda” to reserve ASQ quarantine packages. Agoda currently offers 39 languages, supported by customer care in 21 dialects, with quick and easy payment gateways to facilitate reservation bookings and confirmation.


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