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Welcome to the Thailand Travel Expert Academy!

The website has a public section that will give newcomers the basic information about Thailand, as well as a special learning section.

Created especially for travel agents from Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, which are the areas of responsibility of TAT Prague office, this fun and easy-to-read Academy will teach you everything you need to know to plan some unforgettable, dream trips for your clients. Thailand offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere and are guaranteed to have all travelers saying ”Wow!”.

Read & Discover

Find & Discover

In our public presentations sections you will find general information about Thailand - beaches, culture, history and more.

Check out the section to get started and use the information to get the general knowledge you need to sell Thailand to your clients.


Register & Learn

Watch & Learn

Register on our website to access individual Learning modules that will take you through the various regions of Thailand. You can select the desired module and start learning – each module includes PDF downloads for offline learning. You can also check the news or resources sections to grow your knowledge.


Test & Win

Test & Win

When you finish a module, take the quiz at the bottom of the page and answer questions in a limited time. The platform will track your Thai Travel Expert level. The quizzes are automatically scored, so you'll know how you're doing right away and you will have the opportunity to go back and correct any mistakes. If your score is above 80% you have high chances of becoming a Thailand Travel Expert. To get the final badge, go through all modules.

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