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The Tourism Authority of Thailand

The Royal Thai Government established the Tourist Organization on the 18th March 1960, to promote Thailand as a tourist destination to both international and local travellers. In 1963, it was renamed the Tourist Organization of Thailand (TOT), with Thailand’s first international tourist office opening in New York in 1965 and the first domestic office opening in Chiang Mai in 1968.

As Thailand’s tourism continued to grow and increasingly played a pivotal role as one of the country’s top revenue earners, the government saw the need to place greater emphasis on promoting and marketing the kingdom as a tourist destination among international travellers. In 1979, the government passed a bill that brought the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) into existence.

Now in its 60th year with headquarters in Bangkok, 45 offices in Thailand and 29 offices overseas, TAT has helped Thailand become a preferred destination among international travellers. The number of visitor arrivals grew from 81,000 tourists in 1960 to over 38 million in 2019.

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